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Ongoing Programs

Emergency Rescue and Rehabilitation

This is the most cost intensive part of our work, and the aspect that often requires fast funding so we can act quickly to provide emergency medical care and rescue services. Through negotiation, collaboration, and legal assistance when necessary, we get animals removed from abusive environments. We work to get animal cruelty laws enforced. Animals rescued from severe abuse and neglect usually have severe health challenges, frequently related to starvation, dehydration, and physical abuse. First priority is major medical care, medicine as needed and good nutrition. Our Shelter does not use cages or chains. This is an important part of the process of relieving their trauma – helping them to heal and redevelop social instincts so that they can be adopted. The purpose of the shelter is to facilitate healing, and then move the animals to safe homes to create room for new rescues. In cases of severe trauma, the dog is provided a private area where it can feel safe while healing.

Second Chance

We offer a place for the dogs to live while placing them into an adoption network to find them a permanent home.

The Last Resort

is a program which provides permanent sanctuary for unadoptable dogs. A dog may be less desirable to adopting families due to age, health challenges, or behavioral skittishness resulting from past abuse. We provide lifetime care and safety to these dogs.

Adoption Days

these are public events in conjunction with local businesses to encourage and facilitate the adoption of companion animals.