• Bethlehem, Palestine
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  • info@basau.org

Project Activities

The project foresees the following stages:

-Surveying the land, and allocate appropriate piece of land within the Bethlehem district for the project goals and objectives of 3000 Square meter .

-Getting all approvals from the local authorities for the building permit

-Building retaining walls around the property, part concrete ,stone and part steel wired prefabricated

-Leveling the terrain and preparing for foundation work.

-Installing infrastructure; water network, sewage network, and electricity network, or electrical generator.

-Building rooms for clinic, medicine storage, food storage and administration and a meeting hall, and a surgery room .

-Building separate zoon’s / barriers between the administration area department and the living keeping area animals zoon.

-Building barracks and shelters with kennels; quarantine and long stay units for animals.

-Finishing works.